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Enter the survival horror

This classic game is available for the PC as well, but seriously, the PC release sucks in terms of video quality and its heavy incompatible with today’s Operating Systems. Wouldn’t it be nice to run this game in 32 bit and high resolutions? You are a lucky one if you still own the good old PlayStation Version of Resident Evil. But how to run a PS One game on a PC? No problem at all if you use the PSX Emulator. Truly one of the best PS One emulators ever released. With this, you can enjoy your old PlayStation games in all possible screen resolutions. Combined with different screen filters and shaders (f. e. comic shader) you gain an awesome video quality. I recommend you to use a gamepad for playing so you can lean back and enjoy Resident Evil the best. Don’t forget to raise up the volume of your speakers.

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Raging through the Wasteland

Recently, i was looking for a new single-player game which comes up with a topic other then classical war and combat like WW2 or modern warfare which include currently real existing weapons, equipment and vehicles. I thought about Doom 3 combined with some modifications which make the game well enjoyable. However, the modifications i wanted for Doom 3 ("Perfected Doom 3") didn't worked out for me as they should and so Doom 3 was out for me. Through digging in the net i found RAGE. I heared about it before, but the fact that id Software's flagships Doom- and Quake-Series are simply peaces of junk to me, i didn't investigated anymore on RAGE - until now !

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