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UT Launcher 2k4 Release

Even if Unreal Tournament 2004 is almost a decade here now, we still play it.
What UT from '99 to '3 always ever lacked, was a comfortable profile management. To compensate this lack, i have written a little Windows application which let you manage several profiles.


You can create several profiles which can contain the player setup, a server setup to join a game server directly and custom start parameters which will be passed to the UT2004 Executable. Also you can manage your server favorites.

The UT Launcher 2k4 lists automatically all installed skins, voices and total conversations. In case the gender or teamvalue of those TCs arent represented by the standard values, you can add custom teams and genders for each TC.


Fine grained profiles, which contain more configuration options like key- and network setup, i might implement in the future. If you find this software useful, you can download and rate it here.

(Grum) - [04.03.2012 - 21:40]
[4971 reads] 


Samina - 10 Nov 2015:
Back then it was a great project.


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