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Scale BW, break necks, don't get crushed !

Today we want to introduce you our pimary scale, feature and bugfix mutator for UT2k4 and Ballistic Weapons, the CF Mutator. Primary designed for Team- and Deathmatch, the CF Mutator allows you to scale over 30 UT2k4 common and BW specific settings like sprint energy, health capacity or adrenaline amount. It contains several bugfixes for Ballistic Weapons where each can be turned on or off. In general, the entire mutator is configurable in the spirit of BW. Beside that, it allows you to enable mine markers (useful to avoid accidents and suicides), disable client crosshairs or remove the secondary firemode of the BORT to prevent grenade spam. The CF Mutator also features a unique reward/achievement system for different weapons and weapon classes. There are new adrenaline combos as well.


Two custom ingame GUI menus show you the current mutator configuration of the server as well as detailed rankings and statistics regarding to the new achievement system. Do you ever wanted to break someone's neck, kill someone in bullet time, or get crushed by a down moving elevator ? All that and much more is possible with the CF Mutator. Come get some and see the full feature list below !

Features and options


Rules related settings
  • Killreward in Health points
  • Killreward Healthcap
  • Adrenaline reward for kill
  • Adrenaline reward for major kills
  • adrenaline reward for minor bonus
  • adrenaline deduction for teamkill
  • adrenaline deduction for minor error
  • Kill reward in armor points
  • Kill reward armor cap

Player related settings
  • Player health
  • Player health cap
  • Player super health cap
  • Player adrenaline
  • Player adrenaline cap
  • Die sound amplifier
  • Die sound range amplifier
  • Hit sound amplifier
  • Hit sound range amplifier
  • Jump damage amplifier
  • Enable neck break
  • Player armor
  • Player armor cap

Weapons related settings
  • Disable crosshairs
  • Disable turret crosshairs
  • Set 'Long Throw' default grenade mode
  • Set 'Flare' default BORT weapon mode
  • Disable 'Grenade' BORT weapon mode
  • Enable stronger A73 melee
  • Staff soul amount amplifier
  • XMK5 dart fix
  • HAMR HUD fix
  • Show own mine markers
  • Fix A500 log errors
  • Fix BORT log error

Packs settings
  • Remove ammo packs
  • Remove armors
  • Remove super armors
  • Remove bandages
  • Remove health packs
  • Remove super health packs
  • Remove damage amplifiers
  • Remove adrenaline

Sprint settings
  • Sprint enabled
  • Initial stamina
  • Maximal stamina
  • Stamina drain rate
  • Stamina recharge rate
  • Speed factor
  • Jump drain factor

Misc settings
  • Achievements enabled
  • Deadly elevators   



New gameplay features


Neck break:
You can perform a kill while jumping on your victims head.
If you do so, you will hear his neck breaking in two.
Humanoid races and robots have each a unique neck break sound.
A successful performed neck break gets announced with the message: “Spinal tap” 
on the center of the screen, just like a headshot.
Deadly elevators:
Quite boring those harmless elevators.
Not anymore! Now it gets deadly with those stuff.
You better dont rest or camp under such a moving platform.

New adrenaline combos

Bullet time:
Slows down the game speed and gives you the ability to shoot and reload faster than all of your opponents. You can extend the bullet time as long as you keep killing opponents within the bullet time. A nice on screen shader indicates the activated
bullet time. It also features unique sounds for: entering, leaving bullet time and
a heart beat sound while bullet time is active.
Damage amplifier:
No need to pick up the damage amplifier anymore.
Now it’s possible to activate the damage amplifier like a combo with adrenaline.

Achievement System


The CF Mutator adds a unique Archivement system into BW.
It is possible to earn 10 different badges, with unique icons and an eye candy activation effect.
1. Revolver badge
2. MG badge
3. Marksman badge
4. Explosive badge
5. Spawn raid badge
6. Headshot badge
7. Melee badge
8. Blunt badge
9. Pyro badge
10. Posion badge
Furthermore there is also an archivement for successful suicides.
But there is no badge for this, because this is nothing someone can be proud of, right?

MGs and Miniguns

  • 5 - Target Practice
  • 10 - Just 08-15!
  • 15 - S T A L L O W N A G E !!
  • 20 - C O M M A N D O  8 4 !!!


  • 1 - Minor Cut!
  • 3 - Autopsy!
  • 5 - Sliced Bacon Bits!!
  • 7 - Samurai!!!
  • 9 - Butcher of Innocence!!!
  • 11 - H E R R  D O C T O R !!
  • 15 - S O N  O F  T Y R !



  • 1 - Fire in the hole!
  • 3 - Bearded bomber!
  • 5 - Its whats on the inside that counts!!
  • 7 - Soup kitchen!!!
  • 9 - Ketchup master!!!
  • 11 - F L Y I N G  L I M B S !!
  • 15 - M I N C E  M A C H I N E !


  • 1 - Nudge!
  • 3 - Bruiser!
  • 5 - Gobsmacker!!
  • 7 - Police violence!!!
  • 9 - Meat knocker!!!
  • 11 - M O B  J U S T I C E !!
  • 15 - H A M M E R  T I M E ! (Yes, With corresponding sound )


  • 1 - Unlucky wretch
  • 5 - Masochist !
  • 10 - Deathwish !
  • 15 - F L A G E L L A T I O N !!
  • 20 - P U R E  I N C O M P E T E N C E !!!

Spawn Raid

  • 1 - First Aid!
  • 3 - Party Bouncer!
  • 5 - Watchdog!!!
  • 7 - Whac-A-Mole!!!
  • 11 - S P A W N  R O B B B E R !!
  • 15 - B I R H T  C O N T R O L !




Fixed client physic emulation
Fixed client gore effects
specific Neck break- and heartbeat sound for robots


CF Mutator

(Grum) - [14.07.2013 - 22:00]
[9034 reads] 


wantwon - 29 Jun 2013:
Looks really cool, when will this be available for download?
Grum - 30 Jun 2013:

Hi there,

the mutator will be released with some more features such as a cool bullet time and visible achievement badges on the HUD in the next 2 weeks. bomb 

By then, it will be announced here and in the Runestorm forums terror

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