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2 handy tools for Morrowind and UT2k4

Recently, Dittler had the need for a tool with the ability to rearrange the load order of his various morrowind mods and so i wrote a small but fast application doing exactly this - MMLOC (Morrowind Load Order Configurator). The Application is way faster then the Morrowind Mod Manager and offers a more accessible user interface. It supports drag&drop operations for easy sorting and is completely controllable via keyboard too.

Another tool I recently wrote, this one for UT2004, handles the installation of general content such as maps, mutators, bonus packs, skins, voice packs, etc. While a .umod format exists already to facilitate installation with a single click, this only works on the properly installed UT2004 versions and I have never seen any mods using it.

Usually, the mods are packaged in an archive, requiring you to go to the hassle of putting all the mod files in their correct directories. The UT Content Installer 2k4 can handle this for you. It installs the contents of a specified directory or archive to your UT2004 installation or another target. The tool is preconfigured for UT2004 but can be modified completely, including with alternate file mappings.

Last but not least; Dittler made it out into the Rooks Keep Private Beta Tester Team !

(Grum) - [27.08.2012 - 18:34]
[5768 reads] 


Dittler - 29 Aug 2012:

Two very useful, fast and handy Tools.

Well done.

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