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Beta boon and hands on Rooks Keep !

While we aren't allowed to talk about anything going on in the private Betas, we proudly announce that we are part of the first Rooks Keep - Beta Tester Team ! While we are in for the public testing of Renaissance Heroes too, we also attend the private Beta for Sgt.Kellys Bonus Pack V10. As for Rooks Keep, only Grum has his hands on the Beta. Rooks Keep is a game started as attempt of creating a detailed form of Chess by the independent South African game developer RuneStorm - The maker of The Crucible and the most famous and downloaded UT2004 Modification Ballistic Weapons.

The game has evolved already and features much more then a simple chess game. It comes with an immersive melee-deathmatch-core and several gametypes. As we already know it from Ballistic Weapons and The Crucible, Rooks Keep comes with an amazing and industry leading gore system. You guys out there who keep searching for great games - stay calmed, something is storming and will break in with a thunder, staining your desk with blood splattered body parts !

(Grum) - [01.07.2012 - 19:30]
[6448 reads] 


Dittler - 01 Jul 2012:

Good job Grum!

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