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Today we want to introduce you our pimary scale, feature and bugfix mutator for UT2k4 and Ballistic Weapons, the CF Mutator. Primary designed for Team- and Deathmatch, the CF Mutator allows you to scale over 30 UT2k4 common and BW specific settings like sprint energy, health capacity or adrenaline amount. It contains several bugfixes for Ballistic Weapons where each can be turned on or off. In general, the entire mutator is configurable in the spirit of BW. Beside that, it allows you to enable mine markers (useful to avoid accidents and suicides), disable client crosshairs or remove the secondary firemode of the BORT to prevent grenade spam. The CF Mutator also features a unique reward/achievement system for different weapons and weapon classes. There are new adrenaline combos as well.

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Recently, Dittler had the need for a tool with the ability to rearrange the load order of his various morrowind mods and so i wrote a small but fast application doing exactly this - MMLOC (Morrowind Load Order Configurator). The Application is way faster then the Morrowind Mod Manager and offers a more accessible user interface. It supports drag&drop operations for easy sorting and is completely controllable via keyboard too.

Another tool I recently wrote, this one for UT2004, handles the installation of general content such as maps, mutators, bonus packs, skins, voice packs, etc. While a .umod format exists already to facilitate installation with a single click, this only works on the properly installed UT2004 versions and I have never seen any mods using it.

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While we aren't allowed to talk about anything going on in the private Betas, we proudly announce that we are part of the first Rooks Keep - Beta Tester Team ! While we are in for the public testing of Renaissance Heroes too, we also attend the private Beta for Sgt.Kellys Bonus Pack V10. As for Rooks Keep, only Grum has his hands on the Beta. Rooks Keep is a game started as attempt of creating a detailed form of Chess by the independent South African game developer RuneStorm - The maker of The Crucible and the most famous and downloaded UT2004 Modification Ballistic Weapons.

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Today, we proudly announce the exclusive first release of the Techno- and Trance-Album "The Source".
It was made by Arn "ShadowBlade" Richert - Soundartist, Animator and Designer for RuneStorm - an independent game developer based in southafrica. The Album features 19 Tracks - 14 long titles and 5 short mixes from the internal RS audio contest. If you like good oldschool Techno and Trance and you'r always after some fancy music for your gaming sessions, you will enjoy 90 minutes of "The Source".

You can find the whole album here. Enjoy it !

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Here we go, finally, after many hours of hard and intense work,
the Crazy-Froggers - Ballistic Weapons page reached the Gold Status.

We, the Froggers Staff, are very proud to see our BW Area finished so far.
To point it out: Probably the one and only and also the best and most detailed
fan made source for BW on the web.

In the BW section, you can get all necessary informations about the weapons,
maps, important mutators, config options, community addons and of course
bloody and entertaining ingame Screenshots from our matches.


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Even if Unreal Tournament 2004 is almost a decade here now, we still play it.
What UT from '99 to '3 always ever lacked, was a comfortable profile management. To compensate this lack, i have written a little Windows application which let you manage several profiles.

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A burning city, abandoned offices, dilapidated BioLabs and mad zombies in dark hallways. Killing Floor, the UT2004 Mod with the quality of a retail game, has a comprehensive information page on our platform now. Here you will find all useful informations about the current version 2.52

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Red Orchestra 2
Heroes of Stalingrad 
Der Nachfolger von Ostfront 41-45 steht kurz vor dem Release( 13.09.2011)
Die Public Beta ist seit Anfang September Verfügbar.
Es folgt ein Bericht mit Bewertung.

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