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The Infestation

Custom: No
Name: DM-BE-Infestation
Game: UT2k4 Ballistic Weapons Mod
Gametype: DM-DeathMatch, TDM-TeamDeathMatch,
Size: Medium
Player: 4 - 6

This abandoned Biological labratory once shined so proudly with all it's achievement's.
The greatest being a multi celled organism with a fully functional heart.

All of the researcher's marvelled at it's glory. At first it took up the space in its container then grew out onto the table after about a week, then half the room. Suddenly the researcher's realised it's threat so they moved it to the facilitie's ventilation floor and left it grow there.

After a year of studying it the organism decided to attack and started to chew away at the structures around it aswell as the researcher's themeselves's, so they selled the facility.

Now it grows ever larger feeding off whatever blood it can find.
And with Liandri in charge they insure it never goes hungry....


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