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Custom: No
Name: VCTF-BE-Dystopia
Game: UT2k4 Ballistic Weapons Mod
Gametype: VCTF-VehicleCaptureTheFlag,
Size: Large
Player: 10 - 16

This city used to be a shining metropolis until the cost of industry took it's toll.

Like most cities's it fell to the intense pollution and hazardous wastes that where produced by the many paper mill's and gas power plants that existed.

But unlike other citie's this one suffered from extreme amounts of pollution causing the sky to go sticky green color, produce constant lightning, caustic rain, and allow very little oxygen, and on top of that there where fights between the many companies that existed within the city.

Not long ago the city was plunged into war when the fueds between the biggest companies turned into war ..

In the end there was nothing left but a stickly green wasteland with a scorched sky.

Just perfect for Liandri...


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