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UT Content Installer 2k4

The UT Content Installer 2k4 handles the installation of general content such as maps, mutators, bonus packs, skins, voice packs, etc. While a .umod format exists already to facilitate installation with a single click, this only works on the properly installed UT2004 versions and only less mods using it.

Usually, the mods are packaged in an archive, requiring you to go to the hassle of putting all the mod files in their correct directories. The UT Content Installer 2k4 can handle this for you. It installs the contents of a specified directory or archive to your UT2004 installation or another target. The tool is preconfigured for UT2004 but can be modified completely, including with alternate file mappings.


  • Main Form

  • File Mappings

Download and Installation

Download UT Content Installer  here, extract it into a various directory and launch the executable.

Note: On Windows 7 - depending on the location of source or target - its may necessary to run this Application as Administrator.

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