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The Source

The Source is a loose collection of tracks which Arn "ShadowBlade" Richert - Soundartist, Animator and Designer for RuneStorm - an independent game developer based in southafrica - made years ago 2004 - 2006.
The Album features 19 Tracks - 14 long titles and 5 short mixes from the internal RS audio contest. If you like good oldschool Techno and Trance, you will enjoy this !



Title:   The Source
Author:   Arn "ShadowBlade" Richert
Genre:  Electro/Trance
Length:   19 Tracks - 98:10 minutes
Release-date:   24.03.2012


Description by ShadowBlade

  1. Core Meltdown: - Electro - 5:36
    I wanted to create a fast paced, fairly hard track, which sounded rushed as though there was a meltdown in progress :P
    You'll note the three distinct sections in this one.
  2. Cryogenic: - Eurodance - 4:55
    I got hold of a synth I'd wanted to get for a while, and this was the first track to come of that.
  3. Emerald: - Trance - 7:30
    Well, there's really not much to tell about this track except I was inspired by the word/stone Emerald.
    Most of my tracks often start as an idea based on a word, concept or theme (Fallen, From the Depths, etc).
  4. Fallen: - Trance - 7:14
    On this track I was inspired to create something darker, based around an idea of "underworld" elements; hence the strange creature and voice sounds.
    It features what *I* think was my first "great" chord-chorus :)
  5. Far Gone: - Trance - 6:48
    I was quite proud of this one at the time, especially the cool 303 "acid" synth and bassline in the verse.
    Once again, I was inspired to create something that had a sense of distance to it.
  6. Freefall: - Electro - 5:37
    This one was inspired by "Dungeon Siege" of all things :P I heard a piano piece in the game, and thought I'd like to try my hand at some cool distinct piano patterns.
  7. From the Depths: - Trance - 7:44
    I put a lot of effort into this one back then, tweaking all the instruments to get an "underwater" feel to it. I'm still quite proud of it.
    It also featured my first real beat that wasn't the standard 4-step dance beat :D
  8. Gateway: Electro - 4:45
    I whipped this one up quite quickly, and it also happens to be my most recent of this pack (2008).
    It even features vocals from our Crucible characters, albeit quite distorted :)
  9. Kollision: - Trance - 6:33
    Not much to tell of this one, and I'm not sure how it came about even or what inspired it :D
  10. Nexxus: - Trance - 7:09
    Nexxus marked the point where I finally started getting somewhere with my music. It was a huge step up from all the tracks before it and I even released it with BW :)
  11. Omega: - Electro - 7:17
    I wanted to do something with electro and rock/metal/industrial influences on this one, so here we are :)
  12. Oxygenesis: - Trance - 6:49
    Not much to say on this one either, but it had "airy" influences. I also was tinkering with automating more of the synths and effects.
  13. Phoenix: - Trance - 7:13
     Inspired by the mythical creature this one was. I also started using a new synth to get some of the instruments.
  14. Sentinel: - Trance - 6:27
    I was having fun with the intro synths in this one :) I also started trying new mixing methods, but not much else was fancy in this one.
  15. Short /
  16. Fire /
  17. Underwater /
  18. Biohazard /
  19. Frozen:
    These were a collection of experimental tracks that were supposed to be short. It was a sort of mini challenge between me and my younger bro.
    We'd pick a theme (Fire, Frozen, etc) and each build a track around it. These were the ones I did, but my bro was never that interested in producing music :P
    Sadly the original files all got lost in an HDD crash.

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