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Welcome to the official platform of the Crazy Froggers.
Here you can learn more about us. If you wanna get in contact with us or access more features of this site, you may register here.

Today we want to introduce you our pimary scale, feature and bugfix mutator for UT2k4 and Ballistic Weapons, the CF Mutator. Primary designed for Team- and Deathmatch, the CF Mutator allows you to scale over 30 UT2k4 common and BW specific settings like sprint energy, health capacity or adrenaline amount. It contains several bugfixes for Ballistic Weapons where each can be turned on or off. In general, the entire mutator is configurable in the spirit of BW. Beside that, it allows you to enable mine markers (useful to avoid accidents and suicides), disable client crosshairs or remove the secondary firemode of the BORT to prevent grenade spam. The CF Mutator also features a unique reward/achievement system for different weapons and weapon classes. There are new adrenaline combos as well.

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